Spa - Sercotel Gran Hotel Luna de Granada


The Spa Hotel have a range of excellent benefits therapeutic: massage, relax your body, tone your muscles, awakens the senses and improve your circulation.
Put yourself in the hands of our professionals to get the desired effect on your body according to its characteristics and / or conditions.

Relaxation massage

Relaxation massage acts on the muscular, nervous and energetic systems rebalancing and regulating the body
Duration 30, 45 ó 60 minutes


This ancient type of massage acts on physical and mental levels; it detoxifies, soothes and revitalizes skin, muscles, nervous and immune systems. Spices, essential oils and customized fragrances are used.

Duration 60 minutes

Chiropractic massage

Chiropractic massage heals body ailments, contractures and physical disorders.
Provides psychological wellness and helps to keep up the healthy way of everyday life
Duration 30, 45 ó 60 minutes

Thai Massage

Ancient energizing and relieving massage, provides your body with better muscle elasticity and rebalances the inner energy

Duration 60 minutes

Massage with bamboo canes

Eliminates toxins, reactivates circulatory system, combats cellulite,
reshapes the silhouette and has a sedative effect

Duration 60 minutes

Gemotherapy massage

The power of volcanic stones and semi-precious gems is used to
rebalance your inner energy and improve blood circulation and
cellular metabolism. It is recommended for all kinds of people,
especially those who suffer from stress or insomnia

Duration 60 minutes

Reflexology foot

Stimulation of reflex points on the feet to detect problems and improve the physical and mental state
Duration 60 minutes

Massage with chocolate, grapes or honey

Massage with these wraps is beneficiary thanks to their active ingredients, along with the practice of massage itself
Duration 60 minutes

Bandage (kinesiotaping)

It consists in applying adhesive elastic bandages to relief physical ailments and cure physical disorders